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Monday, February 11, 2013

There is Joy...

In Heaven. 
Today we celebrated my grandma's life. 
Last night our family and friends gathered to visit and catch up. 
This morning we gathered again to say our final good byes to our sweet grandma. 
The service was very nice.
The message was about the importance if family.
Her minister commended all of us for having such a loving family.
She left a legacy.
She left happy, responsible, hard working kids, grand kids, and great grand kids.  
We were reminded that our children's children will learn from us.
They will learn by watching and listening to us.
What an awesome challenge!
She worked hard at their home.
She also devoted several years to working outside the home.
She made the best of what she had.
She worked a garden to stretch a minimal grocery budget.
She loved animals, and much like my daddy, fed all the critters that came to her porch.

We enjoyed seeing relatives from far away.
Unfortunately, a tummy bug hit the family.
Of 17 in my uncles family, only 6 made it to the service this morning.
One of them probably did not make it through the day.
Every one of the children was sick all night and morning.
Poor babies!!!
I have used more Germ X this weekend that I have in weeks.  
My little family has taken precautionary medicine.
I am encouraging an early bedtime tonight.
It's been a very emotionally and physically draining weekend.

I hope all the relatives feel better tomorrow.
I hope we avoid the wrath.

I'm glad we could celebrate my grandmas life today.
I really am sure that she was greeted at Heavens gate by my daddy, my grandpa, my great grandparents, and even some other aunts and uncles.  I'm sure that the reunion has been delicious!

Cherish those little things friends.
The little things are what I remembered this weekend about Grandma.
Looking at all the old pictures of our family...well...let's just say they were not very planned pictures.
Life really is all about the little things.

Have a wonderful evening.

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