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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Incredible Summer Bliss

Day trips
Lunch out
(That one is huge for teachers!)
Sleeping in until 6:00
Sipping coffee from a real mug on the deck as the sun comes up
First camping trips
Feeding humming birds
Rummage sales
Porch sitting in the evening
Farmers market foods
Watering flowers
Pretty green grass that turns brown and crispy
Seeing the bottom of the laundry basket-almost daily!!
Sports camps
Grilling dinner and eating before 8:00 pm
Time with family and friends
Time to refresh, reflect, and rejuvenate as a teacher
-as a mom
-as a wife
-as a person
Time to clean closets and junk drawers
Family vacation
Late night trips out for ice cream
Reading books for fun!!!!
(Even my kids love that one)
Time for family
Time for friends
Time for books and crafts and mending socks!!

School supply ads
New crayons, glue, markers, and pencils for the new school year

All good things must come to an end,

With the end of summer comes a new school year
A fresh start
A new curriculum
Some new faces
I'm not quite ready to give up our vacation just yet.
I'm getting close, though.
We have three weeks and  two days before school starts again. 
 Until then, I will soak up as much summer vacation fun as possible

Summer vacation is as delicious as it is blissful!
I hope you are able to find some bliss during these last weeks of summer vacation, my friends.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream
I love Christmas Eve when the house is quiet and there is nothing left to do but wait for Santa and Christmas morning to arrive!