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Friday, July 5, 2013

18 years and Counting!

July 1, 1995
Our wedding day.
It was a beautiful 80 degrees with the bluest sky.
I was calm yet nervous.
Many family members and friends put the finishing touches on the church and reception venue.
MANY family members and friends!!
(We could not have had the day we had without their help!!)

It was a day that will live in my memory forever.
We had such a terrific day.
I still see my sweet Daddy's face as we prepared to walk down the aisle.
I couldn't say my vows any louder than a whisper because I was fighting back tears.
I loved the moment when the pastor declared us husband and wife,
And I couldn't wait to celebrate our new life together at the reception with our family and friends.

I have been looking at the pictures this week.
They make me smile for so many reasons.
First and foremost, they were taken on our wedding day!  (Duh!)
Many of our guests have passed and are in those pictures.
It is so good to see their smiling faces.
I think it's funny to show the kids the pictures.
Styles have certainly changed since our big day.
They think we lacked style.
(...we probably did.)
They enjoy making fun us.
This is probably the first of many things they'll laugh at us for.
Oh we'll, at least they are nice about it...for now.

Memories are so delicious!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Where, oh where did the month of June go?
Didn't we just get out of school?

During the month of June, we were busy!
I taught summer school.
Cory went to Florida last week for work.
Corbin went to summer school for Drivers Ed for two weeks.
He participated in the National Qualifier for the Junior Olympics.
(And qualified to go to the Jr. Olympic meet at the end of the month)
He has been playing 7v7 soccer on Tuesday evenings, too.
Courtney worked out four mornings a week, had fun at an MU volleyball camp, and had volleyball practice two evenings a week. their spare time, they worked with me in my room.
This was the best summer school experience so far!
I truly believe it is because they worked right beside me.  
They have worked with me before, 
but this year I gave them some pretty big responsibilities.
I have said it before, but I am so proud of our kids. 
They worked so hard last month, 
yet they smiled, played, and had fun with me in my classroom, too. 
I am so happy that they don't mind working for/with me during their time off from school. 
I'm a lucky mom!!!!

June...although gone too fast, it was delicious.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream
I love Christmas Eve when the house is quiet and there is nothing left to do but wait for Santa and Christmas morning to arrive!