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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer Vacation 2016

Summer vacation 2016 has come and gone.
(WHAT?!?  ALREADY!?!????  HOW can it be???)

It was very, VERY full of activity,
but it was so nice.
I've always said that one of the very best things about being teacher
is that I have the same schedule as our kids.
I still hold this statement as truth.
There's nothing better than having time to play with my own kids!
The play has certainly evolved since they were little, 
but I still love to be with them.

Courtney had a birthday and turned 15!!
She got her driver's permit and has enjoyed driving since.
(We are still working on being safe --and smart--in parking lots.)

In July, Cory and I celebrated our 21st anniversary with a nice date night.

I had a birthday in July.
For my birthday, I asked that my family give me the gift of time.
They completely played along. 
We spent an entire weekend together.
It was a perfect birthday, and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

Corbin finished his Associate Degree this summer!
He had 2 classes to take in order to be completely done.
What a relief for him to get that out of the way.
When he starts school this fall, 
he will be an incoming freshman but will take Jr. level classes.
This Momma is beyond proud of his hard work and accomplishments!

When Corbin's finals were over, Mr. took a day of vacation, 
and we went to Kansas City for 3 days of more family fun!
We filled the time with shopping, movies, and more shopping, 
We played at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun.
We ate some really good food!
We shopped a little bit more and then headed home!
The family time was fantastic.

I can't believe that summer is over.
Wasn't it just yesterday that school was out in May?
I can't believe how big our kids are, either.
What happened to the days of summer play?
Today, as I reminisce, I miss the days of swing sets and trampolines.
I miss the bikes and water sprinklers in the yard.
I miss the sidewalk chalk and bubbles.
I miss the kiddie pools and slip 'n slides that kill the grass in the yard. 
Those patches of dead grass were tell-tale signs of sheer childhood happiness!
I loved the sweet sound of giggling kids as they played in the yard.  

Summer vacation has certainly changed from those little kid days,
but I still love every minute of it.
I'm so fortunate to have the kids I have.
I am BLESSED that they like to spend time with me 
and that I like  to spend time with them.
I love watching them do what they love.
I am proud of them for being their own little people.
They are helpful, kind, thoughtful, fun, and FUNNY!
They will always be my babies,
and I will always look forward to time spent with them.
I'm still amazed that God chose me to be their Momma.
I'm so lucky to have that job.
I'm very, very lucky to have my teaching job 
which has always allowed me to have the same schedule as my kids. 
 It's allowed me the opportunity to spend time with them every summer. 
 Not all Mommas have the chance to play with their kids during the summer.
Today, I'm appreciating my schedule and the time I've been given.
Summer vacation might be over,
 but we've made some very good memories along the way.

I hope you had the chance to enjoy your kids, too!!
Summer is delicious!!!

Living the Dream

Living the Dream
I love Christmas Eve when the house is quiet and there is nothing left to do but wait for Santa and Christmas morning to arrive!