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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today is the Day!!!

IT'S HERE!!!!!

Today is "Meet the Teacher" day at school.
Remember, though,
...most of my families already know me from Kindergarten.
I have 6 new students and families.

It will be so exciting to talk to them about 1st Grade expectations this afternoon.
They already know that I expect a lot of my kids.
They already know that I will push the kids to give their best effort in academics
as well as in citizenship.
They know I will send newsletters to let parents know what goes on in our classroom.
They already know that I will love their kids.
They know me and how much I love being at school.


I shouldn't be nervous.
...but I am.

First grade kids have a lot of curricular "stuff" that Kinder Kids do not. 
I am eager to dive into the curriculum and begin teaching and learning.
This year will be a learning process for me as well as the kids.

I'm excited for them to see the classroom changes.
I am excited.
I am nervous.
It will be terrific.
It just might be the "Bomb-Diggity!"
 I'm sure it will be delicious.

Prayers for a happy, healthy, encouraging new school year.
Today is the day.
Let's do this!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deadlines for projects!

It is amazing how fast I can get things done when I am on a deadline.
I wanted to get a few little things finished before school started.
I go back to work on Monday, so my time "on vacation" is ticking away.

Door Knobs "before"
(Sorry for the crummy picture)

Door Knobs "after"
Thank you very much to my new BFF...
Rustoleum Brand Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint!!!

"S" after I spray painted it black...
It has a coat of Mod Podge on it, and it is in the drying phase

"S" after all the layers of Mod Podge
and scrapbook paper have dried. 
So much cuter. 

That's it for projects and deadlines.
I love to get little things done.
Now, if only I could convince Mr. Incredible to help me tackle the "honey oak" cabinets,
the hollow wood doors,
 and the stained trim. 
A girl can dream, right?
Have a delicious week friends!


Friday, August 3, 2012

One week and counting....

Summer vacation is quickly winding down. 
As of this moment, we have one week before school begins for teachers. 
The students do not begin until the 16th.
Our two kids just returned from an amazing vacation with their Grandparents. 

In an attempt to have some fun,
We decided to stay away from school for the weekend. 
There will be plenty of time for that.  
So...with that being said...
a Harry Potter marathon with ice cream sundaes it is!!!'s all delicious.
Enjoy the moments!

Living the Dream

Living the Dream
I love Christmas Eve when the house is quiet and there is nothing left to do but wait for Santa and Christmas morning to arrive!