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Sunday, August 17, 2014

1st Day of School!

Summer has come to an end for us.
We all know that when one thing ends another begins!
What a beginning!!!

These are pictures of our babies on the first day of school!
Courtney is starting 8th grade.
Corbin is starting his Junior year of high school.

And they are standing in front of

As of Thursday I am semi-retired from my Taxi Service. 
Corbin drives them to school and brings them home from practices.
This is a picture of the sweet treats my
Fabulous First Graders brought to me
for the 1st Day of school.
I'm in love with these little people. 
(even before they brought sweet treats)
I can't believe the year has begun!

First day of school
First day of riding to school by myself in 12 years.
(Seriously, that's CRAZY!!!)
First graders.
Firsts are delicious.
Enjoy all things new this season, my friends!!

Our 1st Grade Classroom 2014-2015

These are some pictures of our classroom.
We spend so much time within these 4 walls.
I love to use coordinating colors throughout.
This year's building theme is
"CJ Bulldogs Arrrr a Treasure!"
I kept some of my sock monkeys.
There are a few here and there. 
I simply added pirate hats and eye patches.


Summer Vacation in Pictures

Our summer vacation was a blur!
It went so fast.
I still can't hardly believe it's over.
So, here are some pictures,
randomly placed,
and not in chronological order.

I finally did it.
I let go of my trusty wall phone.
We cancelled our land-line phone.
It was a sad day.
I still can't believe we did it.
(Is it bad that I miss sitting and
 visiting on the phone
while playing with the chord?)

I can't believe it, but Corbin had his 1st semester as a college student.
He took 2 classes this summer.

Cousins at the 4th of July celebration

Corbin got this new ride!
Ford Fusion

We took the kids on a camping weekend at the pond.
We picked blackberries, cooked hotdogs and s'mores,
and slept in the pop up.  It was a terrific weekend.
We made lots of incredible memories!!

There were several Starbucks stops this summer.

Amy and I met for our birthday lunch.
My baby sister joined the 40 club!

Did we get enough fireworks??
Cutie Pie

Crab hunting in Florida


Getting ready to leave for vacation:
Our caravan met and started the drive from here!!

Good little travelers.
It is always fun to road trip with these two.


Simply enjoying the day on the beach.

The view from our deck.

The donut cart.
We walked 4 1/2 miles round trip to get donuts here.
(well...I say "We," but I meant almost everybody.)
Oh my!  We found this giant Blue Crab.
I still can't believe I held it.
It had pinched a pair of goggles and was NOT letting go!

Just relaxing.


My People!
I'm so blessed to belong to this family.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream
I love Christmas Eve when the house is quiet and there is nothing left to do but wait for Santa and Christmas morning to arrive!