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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spoons under our Pillows

I can just imagine my students' faces as they received the phone call
 or saw our school name scrolling across the TV screen.
It is a wintry wonderland this morning.
Everything is covered with fresh, fluffy, perfect-for-snowmen SNOW!
Schools are out for the day.
The roads are "treacherous."
No need to go anywhere.
(except that orthdentist appt at 5:20 this evening.....)
Cinnamon rolls were baked and ready to be enjoyed at 6:30. 
What was I thinking? 
My kids didn't get up for that.
Isn't the snowfall pretty at 5 am?

This is a neighbor's house, but I love that tree. 

Going back to the 5 o'clock hour....
This morning one of our neighbors cleared our driveway with his 4 wheeler and blade.
I love that our neighbors still help each other.
We very quickly whipped up a batch of spicy pretzels to repay him.
We'll have to bake something yummy to share later.
the spoons under the pillows,
the pennies taped to the doors,
the pajamas worn inside out AND backwards
all proved to work
THIS time.
I love snow days.
They are peaceful and quiet.
They are full of movies, games, and giggles.
Mr. Incredible rented a couple movies for us to enjoy today.
Isn't he the best????
I'm such a lucky girl.
Snow days are delicious!
Now, I believe I'll go make a batch of snow ice cream
and a batch of brownies.
Enjoy the day friends!

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