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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chocolates from Daddy

Today at work, there was a lot of talk about Valelntine's treats.
"What will you get Mr?"
"What will Mr. get for your Valentine treat?"
I honestly have to say that at one point in the conversation, I finally said,
"When I was a little girl, our Daddy used to give us balloons and chocolates for Valentine's Day."
I didn't mean to say anything profound.
I didn't mean to stop the conversation.
I was simply remembering how much he spoiled us on a day that was intended for him to spoil his bride--his Love--his best friend and partner for life.
You see...our story is long, somewhat painful, and worthy of its own post.
In a nutshell, though...
My sister and I were part of the proverbial baggage.
He met my momma when I was 5 years old, and my sister was 3.
Long story short...he chose us.
All three of us.
We were his girls.
On their wedding day, my sister stood up on the seat of the car, stuck her head out the window,
and yelled, "We're getting married!!!"
And that's how it was.
They took us on their honeymoon.
They took us everywhere they went.
We were never left with a sitter unless they were at work.
They took one vacation alone in their 30 years.
The point I am trying to make is this...
We were LOVED by our Daddy.
He spoiled us just as much as he spoiled our momma.
I can't think of a childhood gift that ever meant more to me than those Valentine's Day chocolates.
Each of us got our own box.
We were never told to share.
It was our little token to show how much he loved us.
Isn't that just one of the sweetest things?
Today, Mr. treats our kids to a Valentine treat.
I hope that they will have as fond of memories of the little token as I do.
Seriously....those chocolates....and all the ones I've enjoyed since then are truly delicious.
Maybe the memories of those sweet gifts are what make the chocolate so delicious today.
I know I say it often, but remember to enjoy the little things.
It really IS the little things that become the big things.
Enjoy Valentine's Day, my friends!
I hope you get to enjoy your very own box of chocolates!!

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