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Friday, February 8, 2013

My Beautiful Girl and her Butterfly Friend

ShowMe the Ozarks Magazine has had photo contests before.
I've entered pictures before.
This one is by far, my favorite entry from any of their contests.
Yes...I took the picture.
Yes....I AM biased.
But seriously...
Isn't she precious?
Our family went to Branson for a Spring Break getaway.
While visiting the butterfly place, this very beautiful, very large butterfly landed on her hat.
We told her to hold still so we could take pictures.
Isn't she just precious???
She had no idea where the butterfly was sitting.
I love her sweet little girl face.
...the freckles
...the cute little almost chapped lips
...her hair tucked behind her tiny little ears
...the baby face cheeks that are visibly disappearing with each passing day.
Where does time go?
How did she get to be so big???
Back to the contest....
She didn't win.
It's okay, though.
She won something similar to a "People's Choice"
by being "Liked" on Facebook by nearly 150 people.
(Thanks again to everyone who Liked it and then Shared it!!!)
Her picture will be inside the magazine...
on a 2 page spread.
They are calling next week for an interview.
She is so excited!
The joys of losing.
We can't win them all.
Isn't Life Delicious?

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Living the Dream
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