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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived!

I don't follow many sports.
(unless my own kids are participating)
Mr. Incredible watches Monday Night Football with his brother and friends.
They meet at a bachelor pad or at a "Sports establishment."
Super Bowl Sunday is different, though.
I don't know who is playing in the game today.
I don't know what city in which the game will be played.
I do not know who the half time entertainment will be.
I have not seen any commercials online.
Basically, friends....
I really don't care much about the game.
With all that being said, though.....
The beans are baked.
The chips are purchased.
Warm, gooey, Mozzarella Cheese Pullapart Rolls are freshly taken from the oven.
Deviled eggs are prepped, plated, and ready to go.
A yummy, mouth watering S'mores pie is in the carrier ready to go to the car.
Margarita ingredients are ready to go as well.
I love the opportunity to gather at my inlaws for a SB FEAST! 
It doesn't matter which team wins.
It doesn't matter who performs at half time.
I might watch a few commercials.
I really won't konw the player who gets MVP.
I DO know that everyone will have happy, full bellies by the end of the evening.
Don't forget...
it's the little things that we remember.
I won't remember the details of the game,
but I certainly will remember a fun afternoon and evening spent with my family.
Go Team Schmidt!!
Super Bowl Sunday is DELICIOUS, my friends

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Living the Dream
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