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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ash Wednesday...A Day Late

Here it is again.
The Season of Lent.
A time when some people choose to sacrifice something that will draw them nearer to God.
I've participated in Lent for several years.
I've given up chocolates.
I've given up all sweets.
I've even given up soda pop.
One of the best sacrifices was the year I gave up selfishness.
(Isn't that terribly sad?  I had to give up being selfish.)
This year, I knew Lent was coming. 
I knew the day was drawing near.
I knew that I had no idea what I would sacrifice this year.
Mardi Gras was being celebrated, and I STILL had not made a commitment to give anything up!
What was wrong?
How could I not commit to making a sacrifice for my God and Savior?
I am weak and broken.
That's why.
I am human.
I am a sinner.
Ash Wednesday came and went.
Before the day began, though...
I prayed about Lent.
I prayed about our family, the sick, the hurting, the grieving.
I prayed for my students, my own children, my school family.
I prayed for guidance.
I prayed for answers.
it came to me.
I will give up time.
I have finally committed to giving more time to walking and talking with God.
 Time for myself is not something that I have a lot of, so it will be a sacrifice.
Though you are dust, and will return to dust,
though everything you know might be burnt to ashes,
There is a GOD who can recollect you--
remake you--
and resurrect you for eternity.
His Grace.
His Mercy.
His Love.
A better, stronger relationship with Him.
Those are the things I'm seeking during this season of Lent.
Do you participate in Lent?
What is your sacrifice this year?
Are you ready for a 40 day transformation?
39 days until Easter Sunday...the resurrection of Jesus.
Jesus sacrificed his life for ours.
I believe that 40 days is not too much to participate in.
Here's the Bonus...after 40 days of mindfully making time for prayer,
it will have become a habit!
I can't think of a better habit to have.
Goodnight Friends.
Knee's delicious.

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