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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life Lessons from Volleyball

Volleyball season is in full swing!
We've been on the road the past 2 weekends.
Here are a few images.
Girls played so great at Hollister!!!
Look at that score!
It was neck and neck during the entire match.

Having a little fun before the next match.
(And...I mean they should have already been on the floor getting ready,
but they were too busy posing for silly pictures)
Warming up.
Stretch Courtney!!!

Celebrating an Ace.

Celebrating a winning point!

I love their huddles when they come together like this.
It's what it's all about.
They are learning so much about the game.
They are learning more about each other.
Believe it or not...
They are even learning more about themselves.
Life lessons...right there on the volleyball court.
Working with others.
Being coached.
Being coachable.
Encouraging others.
Lifting others up when they are down.
Awareness of strengths and weaknesses.
Being silly together.
Knowing when it's time to be serious.
Celebrating the little successes together.
Celebrating the victories together.
Talking it through when they don't come out victorious.
High Fives.
Knuckle bumps.
Grins and giggles.
Life lessons from Volleyball...
I believe everyone could benefit from the lessons which this sport has to offer.
Even volleyball is delicious.

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Living the Dream
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