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Friday, November 29, 2013


Day 27

I've already said it, but I am so thankful for our incredible children
They are troopers.
They help me.  They make me laugh.
I am proud of them beyond imagination.
I love that they love Jesus and are figuring out their relationship with him.
I love that they are open and honest with me.
I love that they are kind to others.
They are considerate and caring.

All of that 

They helped me decorate for Christmas.
They found specific tubs, 
helped hang lights out in the freezing cold,
Helped arrange a Christmas village,
Tied off bows to wreaths while I held the bows in place....
I could go one, but I will stop.
They did all this without a grumble!
When I was their age, I might not have been so helpful or considerate.
I'm so lucky to be their momma.

Day 28

Thanksgiving Day 2013
Today I am thankful for memories.
As we drove to my in laws home for the day, 
I thought about  past Thanksgivings.
We have lost a few family members in the last few years,
And I am grateful for memories of holidays with them.
I laughed as I remembered that Daddy would have told us 
"Happy Turkey Day" when we arrived.
Cory threw in that he would also have 
hidden a spider in the mashed potatoes and a big fat rat in a deer stand, 
popped someone with a wet tea towel, 
and shot rubber bands at us.
Memories of my daddy are not the only ones, 
but they are the first to come to my mind today.
Life changed so much after he passed.
I can't explain it, nor could I if I tried.
So today, I'm also thankful for the opportunities to make new memories.
Each day is another opportunity to do just that.
We spent our Thanksgiving day watching the parade, 
being with family,
Eating yummy food, 
making bracelets, 
reading books, 
ad comparing,
 cooking and cleaning, 
and a bit of shopping.
I believe we made a few memories.

It was delicious.

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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