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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful Days 14-20

Oops!  Where did that week go? 
I'm quite behind, so I will try to catch up on my list.

Day 14

I am so thankful for rare homework-free nights.
I can't begin to describe how freeing it is 
when we leave school knowing that we can just have a night to relax.  

Day 15

Warm pajamas and slippers.
They are my best friends when I get home these days.
They are definitely on my thankful list.
My big fluffy blanket is right there with them.
Tis the season!

Day 16

We took the kids to Silver Dollar City today.
It was beautiful!!
The weather was in the 60s.  
It was a perfect day for being outside making memories.
We even stopped riding rides long enough to watch a production of a Christmas Carol.
It was great!
We would go watch it again. 

Day 17

A day of rest.
( reality it was a day of work.)
The boys went to the pond to cut firewood.
Courtney and I stayed home to do chores.  
We got everything done, 
and there's a plan for the Christmas tree to be decorated this weekend.
Weekdays are not conducive to housework.
Oh well.
It was still nice to just get things done 
and have some family time this evening.

Day 18

I'm so thankful for "happy day!"  
Cory and I started dating on June 18,
Every month, we tell each other "Happy day" on the 18th.
It's goofy, but sweet.
It might be our only tradition that we have kept.  

Day 19

Oh my!
  I'm so thankful for technology that helps my kids with homework.
Period.  The end.

Thankfulness is contagious.
It's delicious.

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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