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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Where did December go?
On December 1st, I told Mr. that I wanted to just relax.
I wanted to make sure that we took in every little thing during the month of December.
I wanted to enjoy the holiday details with our little family.
I tried really hard to do just that!!
After school, I made gifts for our family and friends.
I sang silly songs with the kids.
Mr. and I shopped til I could shop no more to finish the gifts for the kids.
School was quite hectic, but it is every December.
Grade card testing.
 Making gifts for the parents.
Peeling children off the ceiling because it's almost Christmas.
 Making/getting gifts for the kids.
  Wrapping all of those gifts!
THREE snow days before the break.
Peeling the children off the ceiling.
Teachers playing bells for a Christmas assembly.
(We needed lots of practice.  haha!)
Planning the class Christmas party.
More grade card testing.
and yes...
more peeling students from the ceiling because
It was a challenge, but I tried really hard to keep perspective.
We finished testing.
We helped Santa's elves and made cute gifts for their parents.
I scurried around and got gifts for each of the children.
My new favorite gift wrap?
I tied them up with pretty tissue and ribbon.
Nobody even noticed.
I could have wrapped them in toilet paper, and they would have been happy.
The Christmas party came and went.
Corbin and Courtney helped me clean up Christmas in the classroom.
Tree--taken down and put away until next December.
All decorations--put away.
Books--put away.
We walked out the door and wouldn't return until break was nearly over.
(I NEVER do that.)
Okay.  I lied.
I had to stop at my classroom to pick up the gifts that I had hidden.
But I only ran in, grabbed the loot, and left!
I did not work one bit!
I know.  I'm such a rebel.
Christmas vacation was just that.
We traveled to see family.
We stayed up late.
We slept in.
We stayed in pajamas until dinner time.
We built cozy fires in the fireplace and hung out at home
 with movie marathons and homemade popcorn.
It was the best.
It was relaxing.
It was refreshing.
It was everything we wanted it to be.

In front of Grandma's tree. 
Merry Christmas!

The best mess is the Christmas mess.

And then...
we got three more days of vacation
for FREEZING cold weather and icy roads.
Overall, many memories were made.
Christmas is different now that the kids are older.
Different.  Not better or worse.
Our kids are big kids.
They still get clothes and toys for Christmas.
It's just that the clothes are much bigger and much more expensive.
The toys are smaller and MUCH more expensive.
The excitement is still there, though.
The fun family time also remains.
I'm a happy Momma.

My heart is full.
It was Delicious!

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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