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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Family traditions are a funny thing.  Most of the time when you think of traditions, you think of holiday things....special recipes at a family dinner, opening 1 gift on Christmas Eve ... and every year it is new pajamas.... those types of traditions. 

There are a few "traditions" in our house, but not many that are set in stone.  (I should work harder at that for our kids.  Sigh....Again.  That's a topic for a different post, I'm sure.)  Every year during July I called my Daddy to tell him how many days until my birthday.  I called him every day.  True story.  Sometimes I would have to call him at work just to make sure I got the call in that day.  Every day, I told him how many days and on most days he would act surprised. 

This week has been really tough.  I have less than one week left in my "Thirty somethings," and I have been yearning to call him.  He would be telling me how old I am.  He would be laughing at the big, dark, looming 4-0. Daddy has been gone 4 1/2 years now, and one would think that this silly little tradition would be easier to take as time goes by.  It was a silly tradition, I'll admit.  But it was mine.  It was a special thing that we shared, and nobody else played along. Twice this week I have had dreams of Daddy.  Maybe they are his way of letting me know that he knows it's almost my birthday.  ...but wait.  He didn't mention it, so maybe he is acting surprised even from the other side of Heaven.  Either way, I certainly do miss that guy.  He was so patient and loving, and he always tolerated my birthday month phone calls.  Those memories are delicious. 

Have a blessed day my friends.  Enjoy every tradition.  Make the most of them.  If you have none, make some.  You won't regret it. 

...and just so you know...if there was a phone number, I'd call him in Heaven without giving a second thought!  It would be incredible to hear his ornery yet sweet, sweet voice.  Hugs!!!

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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