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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birthday Week? Why not?

It's official. 
It is only days before I turn 40 30 Something +1. 
My momma came to visit me for the weekend.
We shopped.
She got me some adorable new school clothes.
(Thank you Mom!!!)
I bought myself some more new school clothes and shoes.
(Thank you summer school paycheck.)
We laughed.
I broke her mirror flappy thing on the passenger sun visor.
We laughed some more.
We enjoyed Sonic Happy Hour!!! (with free water for all)
We made a craft project.
We drank a bottle of wine while we crafted and laughed and talked.
We got a good night's rest...well-sort of.
We had a yummy breakfast.
We went out for more shopping.
I pushed her off my porch.
She went home.

Yes.  You read correctly.  I kind of pushed her off my porch.
(So sorry Mom!!!)
My big rumpus bumped hers while she was getting ready to step onto our front step.
She missed the step and went straight down.
And I mean it.
Yep.  She is injured.
Nope.  She wouldn't hear of staying longer to be sure it was not serious.
Yep.  I feel AWEFUL.
Nope...she won't be back until October. 
I'm pretty sure of it.

So anyhow...
Here's a picture of our beautiful wreath we made together before I pushed her down....

And...just so we're all clear about how old I will be turning....
Just after my momma hit the pavement headed home,
Pam and Gracie brought me an early birthday treat.
Gracie practiced decorating on Saturday.
I just received her first attempt at a decorated cake.
I think it's magnificent.
(almost as magnificent as the precious girl who decorated it!!!!)
Thank you Distlers, for reminding me of my upcoming age.

Thank you, Mom, for a fun weekend
...well, except the part where I broke your car
...and the part where I pushed you down.

I will never forget this birthday.
And it's not even happened yet!!!

Have a fantastic week my friends.
I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this adventure called 40.

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Living the Dream
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