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Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Household Bucket List

I's summer vacation. 
A household bucket list doesn't seem as fun as a Vacation Bucket List. 
HOWEVER...I love to switch things up around here.
and let's face it...after 14 years in this house, there are lots of things that need switchin'!! 

I started with the laundry room last week. 
I spent a day emptying it and the utility closet. 
Everything got cleaned up, organized and finished. 
I scrubbed the kitchen cabinets next. 
I loved the results. 

This week was Corbin's turn. 
I emptied his room and painted for him. 
Wow...what a difference! 
We put in different furniture. 
(New to him, but old stuff) 
All that is left to do is get rid of the old furniture and find a home for a few more little things.  Relief!!!
I need to buy a ceiling fan for him, but then it's done.
..well, and I might need to paint a stripe or two on his walls to add more color...maybe.

The trash man probably did not love the overflowing trash dumpster this week.  LOL

Courtney is eager for her turn. 
I'm not sure I am ready for that undertaking. 
She has more stuff than he does. 
It would be a good time to de-thing simplify, though. 
That is always a good thing.

So...I'm off to decide which project to take on next. 
(I could paint the kitchen and laundry room today.  That would be pretty easy.

Or maybe we'll just go be lazy at the pool instead. 
Either's all delicious!

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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