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Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Happy Girl!

Last weekend Sister had tryouts for Club Volleyball.  
Can you say nervous? 
I couldn't hardly think about anything else today. 
(one would have thought Courtney would have been nervous...
but nope...just me)
Okay...she might have been a little nervous, but I was the one eating Tums by the handful..  
We drove into town and prayed together for most of the drive.
She hung out at the gym with friends while I went to church. 
When I met up with her, she was doing great.
We went to the tryout, and she came out smiling.
She said she did great on her serves (her weak area).
She felt great!
But then......the WAIT!!!
It is so hard to watch the girls walk to the lists to see if they made the team.
As Courtney and her friend walked with their arms around each other,
I wonder what they said to each other.  I could have cried.
We knew that at least 3 young ladies would not make the team. 
Would one of them make it leaving the other one heart broken?  
They got to the door, turned around and walked back to us.  
They both made it.
Again, I could have cried.
I'm so thankful that our girl made a goal for herself and worked to earn a spot on the team.
I'm also thankful that she turns to Jesus in times of need as well as thanksgiving.
I'm proud of her for being concerned about the girls will not join the team this year.
She is sad for their hurting hearts.
I'm so thankful for her kind heart.
As we drove out of the parking lot, I could feel her excitement.
She asked if she could call a few people to tell them the news.
(and give her sales pitch)
She is one happy volleyball player.
We celebrated with frozen custard, pork chops and macaroni and cheese for dinner.
tonight, all is right with her world.
I'm so thankful that she is a healthy, able young lady, who had the desire and drive to accomplish a goal for herself.  
Although it was full of stress and worry, the day was a delicious day for many reasons.
What have you celebrated this week?
I hope you took advantage to enjoy something delicious.
Have a fabulous week friends!

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