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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fabulous Firsts

First grade is fabulous for yet another reason!
This precious baby let me pull her tooth. 
To the ordinary person, that is not a big deal.
I get it.
Let me explain.
I am so easily grossed out by all boo-boos, owies, blood,
and bodily fluids in general.....
I have NEVER pulled a tooth in my life.
Until Tuesday, November 13, 2012.
My own children did not trust me with their loose teeth.
Their daddy was allowed to torture them with tooth extraction.
The dentist was known to take 4 or 5 at a time.
I was not even allowed to wiggle them.
(I most likely would have passed out anyway.)
For YEARS I have asked the Kinder Kids if they would let me pull their teeth.
Every time someone's tooth got close to being pulled, I would get all excited. our business of the day, I would have to say we could try to pull it "tomorrow."
I never wanted to hurt anyone if the tooth wasn't ready!!!
And every single time "tomorrow" came and the tooth had come out the night before,
I would moan and be so sad that I missed another opportunity to pull my first tooth.
(he he he)
So...on Monday evening, I received a text from a teacher friend/mommy.
Her baby's first tooth was ready to come out--
and Audrey wanted ME to pull it!
Holy Smokes!!!
The pressure!
We pulled that tooth out first thing on Tuesday morning.
My hands were shaking.
I was nearly ready to fall out of my chair.
She didn't flinch.
She was so brave!
She just smiled and smiled while I turned her little tooth until it rolled right out!
If you could have heard the cheers and celebrating!!!
(Maybe you did!)

That little tooth is IN MY HAND!
Oh my goodness.
I was STILL shaking here.

We were still hugging to celebrate our bravery in this one.
(The blurriness makes me think Mommy was shaking for this one.)
I'm so blessed to have my loving kids in class again this year.
First Graders are incredible.
This was a morning I will never forget!
Thank you Audrey (and Mommy and Daddy)
for letting me pull your very first tooth!
...and thank you to the Tooth Fairy!
She left ME a bag of chocolates for helping her.
What a deliciously sweet deal!
Happy day, friends!
Happy Day!

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