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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Like the rest of the moms in the world, I love seeing my kids have success, reach new milestones, enter new phases and stages of their lives, and complete journeys.  I love it when they see benefits of a rough journey.   Well, with all of that being said, you can imagine how extatic I am tonight!!!  Corbin, our 13 year old son, had his braces taken off today after a 3 year tour with them. 

According to Corbin...Best. Day.  Ever!!!!!!

I went back in time to look at the "before" and "afters"  OH!  I loved the sweet little pictures of a very crooked toothed smile when we began this journey,  But oh MY how he needed braces!!   
He had the sweetest  LITTLE face.  He has grown up so much since those first photos were taken.  He is soooo tall!  (How does that happen?)  His hair has grown darker, and his freckles have faded in spots and gotten darker in others. His sweet little boy face is turning into one that looks just like his Daddy's teenager face!  True story...JUST LIKE IT!  Teenager I tell you!  Sigh. 
One thing that I noticed did NOT change...the sweet twinkle in his eyes.  He smiles with his eyes, and I love them. 
So...All the efforts and frustrations paid off.  It was, in the grand scheme of things, a short journey.  In Corbin's mind, though, I'm sure that it seems like it has been forever.  In a few days we will pick up his retainer, and the journey will continue, but until then, we are enjoying a brace free mouth and the super straight teeth that he is LOVING! 
Dinner tonight you ask?  One WOULD expect something grand and celebration worthy, however, poor kid had soccer practice, so there was no time for grilling steaks.  Grilled brats, salad and chips it was.  Maybe tomorrow can be a fancier feast!  Nothing fancy today, but life is delicious!  

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  1. Yay! He looks great! 3 years - that's almost 1/4 of his life!!! Congrats to Corbin :)


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