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Monday, January 9, 2012

Curve Balls

Once in a while, LIFE decides to throw curve balls.  I am not a fan.  I don't like curve balls.  I like normal routine with no surprises.  (Unless, of course, the surprise is from my sweet husband and children and it comes all wrapped up pretty with a bow.)
Saturday, my 80 year old Granny and I had our weekly visit over coffee. 
(heehee!  She would be SO mad to know that I posted her age on here!)  
We live 2 hours apart, so we enjoy our weekly calls to get caught up with each other, talk about recipes, tell secrets, and enjoy a cup (or more) of coffee.  I tell her about new recipes I've tried, and she tells me about the old ones that are keepers.  Saturday morning she told me about the five --yes...I said FIVE-- loaves of bread that she and Grandpa ate last week.  Haha!  I guess I need that recipe.  Five loaves in one week.  Good gravy!
Sometime Saturday afternoon, Granny had a stroke and was life flighted to a larger hospital.  Sunday morning I drove to the hospital to visit her.  I found her sitting in a chair (what a relief!)  She showed visual symptoms of having a stroke.  I was able to take my turn in her ICU room throughout the day.  I got to talk to her, hold her hand, put my head on her chest and tell her how much I adore and appreciate her.  Yesterday evening, I told her I sure would like to crawl into the bed with her and spend the night.  She told me, "You go home."  What follows that other than "Yes, Ma'am."  ??????
Reluctantly, I came home.  I got up this morning to our normal routine.  I got the kids and myself off to school, taught all day, cleaned up my classroom, came home to heat up dinner, and am now just sitting here waiting for test results in the morning.  She remains in ICU tonight.  She is having a hard time with her speech and hand/eye coordination. 

Curve ball. 


I hope she gets busy on that rehab!  Saturday morning is fast approaching, and I can't miss out on my Coffee time with Granny.  I don't mind driving up for coffee.  It's one of my favorite things.  Maybe I'll make some scones to go with it this week.  Mmmm.  That would be a delicious treat. 

This was taken in July when she had one chemotherapy treatment left.  She would KILLme for posting this!'s okay though, because I needed to blot my oily face, so we are even.

This is Granny giving me a "Thanksgiving Cheers!"
and look!  Her hair is growing in so nice. 
(Once again...she would KILL ME!)

Looking forward to many, many more Coffee visits with Granny.  Praying that she has a speedy recovery.  Thanks to all my peeps who are praying so faithfully for Granny, her care givers, and our family.  They are much appreciated and being felt. 

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Living the Dream
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