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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goat Reports

As a Kindergarten teacher, I am often reminded of the power of a FULL MOON.  Now, don't get me wrong...I love my Kinder Kids.  They make me smile every day.  I am amazed at their sponge-like qualities and their abillities to grow and change so much in one year.  I thrive on their enthusiasm for learning, and I love, love, love their little notes and hugs as if they are coming from my own two children.  Seriously People!  I LOVE these little monkies! In spite of how much I adore these kids, the bad news is weather changes and moon phases CHANGE THEM!  Something mysterious happens and the wierd things just start happening.  Most days at school are normal, noneventful, and calm.  Every once in a while though, it ALL falls apart.  I'm talking about out of body experience, slow motion STRANGE things.  Things like poop art in the bathroom and toilet tissue roping it off like a crime scene.  (WHO DOES THIS????)  True story people.  True story.  I wish I could say that it was made up.  DIS-Gust-ing. day a few months ago, the teachers were returning from our afternoon bus duties when someone said that it was the night before a full moon.   The response I heard was, "OOOOOOOOHhhhhh!  That explains everything!"  (tiny giggle here)  Seriously, we need to watch the calendar more closely.  As we were walking the rest of the way to my classroom, one of the other teachers began to tell us about the goats from her farm and how they had behaved so badly that very morning.  She just kept telling of odd things they had done during her chore time that morning.  When she finally finished, I told her that it was official!!!  Every time her goats are naughty, she is required to give us the "Goat Report" BEFORE the kids come to school. 

After my bus duty on Friday afternoon, that same teacher came to the hall with a freshly opened bag of rich, creamy chocolates.  They were in her hand, all stretched out as if offering us a peace offering.  "Chocolate ladies?"  (teehee)  "My daughter just called and said that one of the goats got "out," tore up all the hay bales, got into the feed sacks and then went back INTO THE CORRECT PEN."  We grabbed her chocolate offering, ran for our classrooms, made lesson plans for the next week, and prayed that the symptoms brought on by the full moon would be gone by Monday!  I am very thankful that this month's full moon happened yesterday and that it is over. 

The weatherman is forcasting a drastic temperature change tomorrow.  Sigh.  I am not sure why barometric pressure makes an impact on their little bodies, but it does.  Wish me luck.  Tomorrow is a new day...full of surprises, I'm sure, but I am still hoping for uneventful and normal! 

May your next full moon induced "day" be happy and uneventful.  Keep the Goat Reports coming, and thanks for the chocolate Christy.  It was delicious!

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Living the Dream
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