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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Snow days are the best for baking treats!  I LOVE snow days.  No,  I didn't have a snow day.  There is not a flake around.  As a matter of fact, it was 60 degrees today!  So, I'll revise my initial sentence....

Sick days are great for baking treats.  --well, they are once you get the laundry done.  (And there was a LLLLLLOT of laundry!)

I love to bake.  I love to be at home with a good reason to stay put.  Children with tummy bugs keep me at home with no place to go.  They are also old enough that they prefer to lay on the couch all day.  That means that I am  home with no place to go and nothing to do except take care of the ill child, attack the germs with Clorox wipes, and craft or bake until my heart is content.

Tomorrow happens to be a food day at school.   I signed up to bring a dessert.  I had some terrific ideas of awesome new recipes to try.  Because of the circumstances of the day,  I stuck to a basic chocolate cake with very creamy chocolate frosting.  It will have to do.  Honestly, I'd like to slice it and start eating it now...and serve it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.  When I finished the chocolate cake, I baked an angel food cake...  a Cherry Almond Angel Food.  Yummy.  I love cherry and almond together. We ate it for dessert tonight.   I'm so sad that our little one had the tummy bug, but happy that I am in a profession where kids come first.  Life IS delicious!

Dessert for my peeps at school tomorrow.   Mmmmm--chocolate!

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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