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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More Homework Projects

I was not a very good history/social studies student.  I don't remember the dates of the wars.  I don't remember the names of the generals.  I remember my Jr. High history teacher jumping up and down and telling the "story" of battles.  I enjoyed the class.  I enjoyed the entertainment.  I am sure that I learned more than I remember in his class because I am able to teach some history to my Kinder Kids.  Mr. B. was a great teacher.  I just don't have a remember the names and dates of the battles type of brain.  (He was also my Driver's Ed teacher.  Now THAT was a fun class.  It is also a story for a different day.)

Anyway... when the most recent American History/Social Studies assignment was given, I had panic in me and declared that I would not be the best candidate for helping Corbin with his homework.  Thank GOODNESS that Mr. is very good at all things that I am not.  (He is soooooo much smarter than I am!) 

These are pictures of his project...a 3 dimensional battle scene from the revolutionary war.  This was nothing I would have been able to dream up.  My project would have been good old George Washington  crossing the river in his little wooden boat. Whew!  Good project idea Corbin.  I'm happy that your brain is an I-get-good-grades-in-History brain, and I love your project AND your brain.  :)

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