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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Time flies when you're having fun!
I've said it a hundred times.
I've heard it a million more.
I can't believe that it's already March.
Yet at the same time
it seems like we've been waiting for this for a long time.
Maybe it has something to do with all the cold and snow we've endured this winter.
Spring has felt so out of reach this year...
until now.
Yesterday it was a sunny 77 degrees outside!
(It hasn't been 70 degrees since November.)
I was so excited about the forecast that
I dusted off a dress and sandals to wear to school!
Along with the warmer weather,
there's certainly a different atmosphere in school.
Today everyone seemed more relaxed.
Everywhere I looked, I saw smiles on faces.
Sunshine does that to people.
So do vacations.
We just happened to have both at the same time!
The countdown is ON.
We have one day of school with students, and then 
 one day of teacher's inservice before our Spring Break begins.
Tonight, as I sit here, I am giddy with the possibilities for the week ahead!
I'm not kidding....GIDDY!
I am smiling from ear to ear.
Mr. took off for the week, so
we'll ALL be home together...
I'm so happy.
What will we do?
The possibilities are endless.
Sleep in.
Work on home projects.
Clean the attic.
Clean out the butterfly garden and flower beds.
Get the garden ready for planting.
Clean up the flower pots and gardening tools.
Spend time at the Pond.
Take some day trips.
Have a lunch date as a family!
Oh my.  I could go on and on.
Only time will tell.
We know that we are ready for a break.
We are ready for some family time.
We've been talking about the week
and our lack of plans for a month now.
We're excited that there are no plans!
It will so good to just "be."
I am more relaxed just thinking about it.
I cannot wait to see what Spring Break has in store for our family!
If you are celebrating a spring break, I hope it is everything you desire it to be.
Most of all, I hope it finds you happy, healthy, and loved.
Anticipation is delicious.

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