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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Loving Summer

What a fun week!
My niece had a gymnastics camp in town on Tuesday and Wednesday.  
Amy brought her down on Monday, and we were able to visit before she had to go home.
The kids and I had a road trip on Tuesday.
We drove to my sisters boutique ((2 hours away) for some back to school shopping for me.
We got some lovin in and hit the road.  
We drove another 40 minutes to the town where my momma lives.
Granny is being cared for in a nursing home right now.
Se fell and broke her hip in June.
That lady has been through a lot, 
and I am simply amazed at her ability to keep fighting.
We took Granny some angel food cake and strawberry bread for treats.
She felt the love.  Haha
 We had such a terrific visit with her.
Our next stop was a Donors Reception at the hospital.
The Foundation donations have been used to help so many people.
That tour only convinced me more that our annual donations are so important.
(Sigh.  #wishwecouldgivemore)
Following the reception, 
we drove to another little town 
and were blessed to have dinner with Daddy's best friend. 
It was great to catch up and share some old stories and memories!
We laughed a lot.
My face hurt from smiling.
We shared memories for the sake of the kids.
They are starting to forget.
It breaks my heart, but its understandable.
They were only 6 and 9 when he passed.
So...we will continue to tell stories and share memories for them.
(Big smile)
We drove the L.O.N.G. Drive home.
Corbin was a trooper and stayed awake with me the whole way.
That's LOVE!!!
It had been a long day, and it was late.
How late?
We shared the interstate with semis...that's it.
Wednesday we picked up my niece from gymnastics camp and headed to lunch.
After lunch we toured the Candy House.
We put on our little hair nets.
We learned that they make and dip each piece of chocolate candy in their store! 
It was a short but SWEET tour.
When we finished, we shopped for some chocolate treats and then headed home.
The girls played and then rested.
My sis showed up just after dinner.  
We were able to sit on the deck and visit for hours!
I haven't seen her since Easter.
It had been too long.

It has been a nice week.
Time for sitting in my big comfy chair.
Time to listen to my kids playing together.
(video games, but hey...they're still together and laughing.  That's what matters, right?)
It goes too fast.
Summer vacation will be over so soon.
Too soon.
Summer vacation has always been the best. 
It's simply delicious.
Enjoy every minute, friends.

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Living the Dream
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