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Sunday, August 18, 2013

I wonder if she knows...

Courtney is one very lucky young lady!

She began Jr. high this week.
She is my sidekick.
She works with me at home and at school on her days off.
She likes to know I'm near.
During elementary years, she insisted that I walk her to the end of my building
So we could be together a little longer.

You can imagine her apprehension for going to school this week.
Not only is she in a new building learning new faces and routines,
But she is also on a different campus than I am.

On our way to school, we had our normal talks and prayer time.
Both days, her big high school brother walked her
Into her building, 
made sure she was okay, 
and then continued his walk to the high school.  

As the momma, it brought tears to my eyes that she was so nervous.
More tears came, though, when he stepped up and took care of her.
I shouldn't be surprised.
They have always been good buddies.
He has always been aware of things she needs 
And has always been so kind to her.

I wonder if she knows how blessed she is.
I'm eager to see how long this routine continues.
I'm a lucky momma.
I'm so incredibly proud of the people they are becoming.
My heart is happy.
Siblings are delicious!  

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Living the Dream
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