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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Memory Lane...Revisited

Friday would have been my sweet Daddy's birthday.
  He would have been 60 years old.
5 years ago we celebrated his 55th birthday with a surprise party.
He passed away 2 short weeks later.
The next 3 weeks will hold a lot of memories....sweet, sad, cherished.
A few weeks ago, we visited some very dear friends for an evening.
Three short days later, a small tornado went through their property. 
Most of the damage was done to their outbuildings and sheds.
The saddest part (for me) is that their old house is now leaning and is being torn down this week.
We grew up visiting in that old house. 
Playing board games.
Playing cards.
Baking cookies.
Riding bikes.
Learning to drive.
Opening night of Deer Season Mexican dinner--every year.
The list goes on and on........
I vividly see all of us there.
Men playing cards at the table in the small crowded little kitchen.
Women in the living room visiting around all the kids playing  running through the house.
I will miss that old house--more than I can say.
Is it silly to miss a structure as much as a person?
Somehow it feels wrong.
I suppose it's not really the  house. 
We look for stability because of change, or at least I do.
I look for the things that are constant....things that I can count on.
That old house was a constant source of love and laughter while growing up.
It was comfortable.
It was my home away from home.
It was love.
I'm thankful that God is like that old house.
He is  constant, comforting and comfortable.
He is a sorce of love.
I am happy that He nudged me to visit on Labor Day weekend.
I've had a chance to see the little old house once more.
I've been lucky enough to have some closure.
Don't get me wrong...
I still do not like that it will not greet me when I pull into the drive. 
I AM thankful that I have the memories of it.
I have felt safety in its' walls.
I have heard laughter and joy,
and the memories are delicious.

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Living the Dream
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