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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We were scheduled to have a normal day...I had 1 meeting at 9 am, class as usual until 11 o'clock, lunch, rest and then a fire drill at 12:45.  The day was buzzing along.  I had just settled the kinder kids into their sleepy nap nap time, and I was working on grading my small mountain of grade card assessments when.......the fire alarm went 12:20.  I sat in disbelief for a moment...but then quickly jumped up, grabbed the class roster while saying... "FIRE DRILL...."  I'm sure my voice was shrieking by this point.  I had kids sleeping...soundly...on their cute little nap mats....I'm talking face in a pool of drool here, people.  This was not just a simple rest your eyes moment.  I'm talking FULL SLEEP.  Poor kids.  I saw one sweet little precious jump up, turn her head to look around as if searching frantically for something or someone.  She quickly grabbed a sleeping beauty beside her and SHOOK the living daylights out of her saying, "Fire drill!  Fire drill!"  Both of these girls were the last ones out of my room as I ran from the front to the back and back to the front again checking to be sure everyone was off their nap mats and out the door.  I couldn't be sure that I actually HAD everyone because I had not counted heads as they darted past me.  Once outside and across the street, they quickly got in their 2 lines, sat facing me and waited for instructions.  I did a head count three times to make sure everyone was present.  Whew.  RELIEF!  I couldn't believe how fast we reacted to the sound of that fire alarm.  It was like slow motion, but in panic mode.  Haha!  I've never seen my kids move so fast.  I hope to never see it again.  I AM very proud of their quick efforts to evacuate the room/building and to listen for instructions.  Maybe the surprise drills are best for kids and teachers alike.  I'm pretty sure that even though the kids were sleeping, we must have evacuated at record breaking speed!  Heehee.  With 8 school days of school remaining, life certainly IS delicious!

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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