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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day of Unity

Yesterday was a busy day for the citizens of our area.  We commemorated the one year anniversary of the May 22nd tornado.  I could write a lot.  My heart still grieves for those who lost loved ones.  It goes out to all who have lost their homes.  I tear up when I see pictures of daffodils waving in the breeze in front of a concrete pad where a home used to sit.  I hold my breath when I drive through certain parts of town.  In a few spots, I still feel as if I could throw up. 

Much has changed in one year.  Debris is cleaned up.  Homes are being rebuilt.  Businesses are coming back.  Lives are still changed forever. 

Here are a few pictures from the day....

In honor of the
"Angels Among Us" or the "Butterfly People"
who protected people from the storm.

Bright, colorful collage made from debris

My kids sitting in front of the reflection pool
with St. John's in the background.
St. John's is being taken apart piece by piece. 
It still feels like an anchor.
Stained Glass Theater will rebuild on the hospital property!

A small area in the playground where volunteers and visitors
sign the structure.  It has many beautiful words and prayerful thoughts.
Very touching.

In the midst of all the debris, cleaning up, and rebuilding,
American flags have been visible throughout town. 

Kansas City Search and Rescue dog.

Joplin Fire Department entering the park in preparation
for the Unity Ceremony.

Everything is wrapping up for the day. 
I have a picture of this lot just after the tornado.
It looks so bare and empty now.
Tomorrow is a new day, though, and
who knows what the future will hold for this spot!

This storm changed a lot of lives ...more than we will ever know.
The Day of Unity will forever be (in my mind)
a day of
remembering, restoring, and rebuilding.
I am eager to see how far Joplin can go in the next year
of rebuilding efforts. 
My prayer is that the efforts continue
and this town DOES come back bigger and stronger.
After seeing thousands of people in the Unity Walk yesterday,
I believe Joplin certainly will continue to grow.

Long live the delicious "Spirit of Joplin!"

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