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Monday, May 14, 2012


Who knew it could get any better?  Pinterest, that is.  I love finding amazing recipes that are new and exciting as much as I love running across a blog that posts an old favorite recipe.  I love drooling at the pictures and nearly licking the computer screen when I see a luscious dessert or a cool refreshing beverage.  Seriously....I drool.  And times I wish I could scratch and sniff the monitor to get all the senses involved in the blog. 

I have found so many amazing teacher blogs on Pinterest!  Teachers who have time to regularly blog about their classroom ROCK.  I admire their talents of juggling home, school, babies, laundry, dinner AND classroom blogs.  I started a school blog and failed miserably at it.  Heehee.  I can admit it, so I can giggle, right?  I have not made the time to write about what is going on in the classroom.  Maybe that can be a goal for next year's students.  I can have THEM take pictures with the iPad and then we can put them into the blog.  Hmmmm...I might be on to something there.  Writing about their learning could be a good goal.  Thinking out loud here.......loving the thought.  I better write it in a calendar so I won't forget!  (or pin it on a School Board in my Pinterest account)

Teacher blogs are incredible.  I have found resources for assessments, parent information, lessons, activities, anchor charts, recipes to go with letters of the alphabet, and SO. MUCH. MORE!!!!  I guess I know how I will spend my summer vacation...researching information on Pinterest for my next batch of Kinder Cookies.  (pool side, of course)

I'm just going to have to say it again...thank goodness for Pinterest and the plethera of information that one can find.  It's so delicious!

Have a blessed day my friends! (4 days of 2011-2012 Kindergarten remain)

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Living the Dream
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