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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hurry! Run!

This weekend was such a whirlwind!  It was truly a girly weekend with a lot of running around to different activities.  Corbin had soccer.  Our school had a carnival.  My neice had a gymnastics competition in town.  This is how it went down.......

my sister and niece came to town. 
 a girls' night at our local Holiday Inn--complete with a little pool time. 
 ONE queen bed for all 4 of us girls. 
We pulled the bedding off and slept sideways. 
It was awesome.  

  gymnastics competition.
    Nana brought donuts from our childhood bakery. 
 Yahoooooooo Nana!!   
Congrats to Cameron for qualifying to go to California.
We are so proud of you! 
What an accomplishment!

K-1 performance at the school carnival. 
My kinder kids were terrific! 
They sang their little hearts out and were as adorable as could be. 
 They worked so hard to prepare for that performance. 

  Corbin's soccer game.   
 The weather was really nice, and the kids played well. 
WooHooo Corbin for scoring in the second half of the game. 
 He had one foul for pushing....makes a momma proud. 
Ha ha.

  We landed at a favorite pizza place for dinner. 
 We were able to sit and enjoy dinner on the patio while we visited and caught up. 
  It was wonderful to have my family in town for so many good things. 

Don't be shocked.
 We had so much fun. 
They stayed another night!  
We girls spent Sunday shopping and having more fun in town. 

We are turning into our mother.... we know.   

 Sister, if you are reading this, THANK YOU for coming this weekend. 
 I'm so happy we got to spend such an amazing weekend together. 
 We must do that again SOON.
It was delicious.

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Living the Dream
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