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Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Proud Momma!

I know I have said it before. 
I'm saying it again.
I love our kids.
They are super people.
I not only LOVE them because they are mine,
but I also LIKE them for who they are.
I am proud of the young adults they are becoming.
I am very blessed that God chose lil' ole ME to be their Momma!

We are going to Courtney's D.A.R.E. program tonight.
She found a journal entry from the night we went to Corbin's program 3 years ago. 
(Mrs. Martino, thank you for instilling a LOVE of writing way back in the 1st grade!!!
It continues today! (((Hugs from Courtney)))) 

Enjoy the Friday Eve my friends! 
It's going to be delicious.


  1. Ah...I Love Courtney so much! Thanks, just what I needed to read tonight.

  2. She loves you too!!! She misses you and keeps a stash of books from your classroom in her "favorites" tub.


Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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