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Monday, February 27, 2012


My name is Chrissy.
(This is where you say, "Hello Chrissy.") 
I am addicted to Pinterest. 
It's true. 
I have a problem.
It has everything a girl could possibly want to know about!
You look through "pins" and put them on your own "virtual bulletin board."
Once you've pinned it on your board, you don't have to look for it in cyberspace.
You simply pin it and keep it until you no longer need that pin/site/information.
I love to craft.
I really like DIY projects. (just beginning, so that's why I don't love it yet) 
 I LOVE to read blogs. 
I like to look for ways to fix Courtney's hair--
Ponytails are getting kind of boring.
 I love to read RECIPES! 
 I love to find new cheap ideas for ways to fix things that I already own.

This weekend I made a recipe that I found on said Pinterest!
I love a good challenge as much as I love reading all those blogs and recipes.
Here's where it gets interesting....


Well...not until last night.
I made fried chicken with bowtie pasta 
I used olive oil for the frying to help a little. 
The chicken was dredged in flour, milk and cornflakes.
The cream sauce was made in the skillet with chicken "grease". 
I added chicken broth,
cream of chicken soup
 and a container of Philadelphia Italian and herb cooking cream. 


**It was quite a process from beginning to end, but even the left-overs were worth the effort. This recipe is going in the recipe vault.  It is a keeper.  We DID decide that we could fake fry the chicken by baking it and still get good flavor and tenderness.  Next time, we'll definitely bake the chicken.

But wait.  There's more!
I even baked a lemon cake and frosted it with a cool, creamy lemon frosting.
That recipe was a snap!
1 box lemon instant pudding
1 cup milk
1 container of fat free/light Cool Whip
(Mix pudding and milk.  Whisk.  Fold in Cool Whip.)
You COULD add a jar of Marshmallow fluff to really make it special, but I didn't.
I FRIED the chicken, People!!!! 
I could already feel my arteries beginning to clog.

With all that said, I seriously love Pinterest. 
I am now on a mission to find a cheap AND easy way to paint my kitchen cabinets.
Pinterest is FULL of DIY posts.
No worries.
I'll find one that I can convince Mr. to let me try.
Pinterest is amazing.
If you haven't requested an invitation, you MUST.
I mean it!
Do it now.
You won't be sorry.

It's all delicious

(You can even pin pictures of Ryan Reynolds.)


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Living the Dream
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