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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Get Your Craft On!

There is a group of ladies (very creative, I might add...)
who participate in a monthly "Get Your Craft On" project. 
Each month there is a project theme.
Sometimes I follow the theme.
Sometimes I don't.
These are a few of my most recent "crafts."

Easy Peasy Picture Frame!
True story...
I bought the wooden frame for $1.
Bought the scrapbook paper for $.59.
I cut the paper to fit the frame.
Mod Podged the paper to the frame (3 coats)
I used a sander to sand the edges and make it a little "worn"
I did not have a sander. 
 I sent Mr. to get some sandpaper for the project.
He came home with my very own Power Tool!!! 
It only took 10 minutes to do all the sanding!
If I don't count the cost of the sander, this project cost less than $2.
I still need to print a sepia toned picture of the kids.
That will cost another 9 cents. 

This is my attempt at printing on burlap.
It was too thick to go through my printer. 
I had iron on transfers, so I printed a flipped version on a transfer.
I ironed it onto the burlap.
I had the burlap from another project.
I had the frame from another project.
I even had the iron on transfer!
Free is the best craft.

This little bear is just too cute. 
She was a gift from a student several years ago.
(That sweet little boy TOWERS over me now.)
She sits beside my desk right beside the jar of chocolates. 
The jar is not empty right now. 
 I took the picture before I filled the jar. 
(I did NOT make this bear, nor do I wish you to think that I made this bear.)
I just think it is very stinkin' cute, and I love that the box says she is not going to quit eating chocolates!
(So ME!)

I'm excited about the theme for April.
The frame is my project for March.
Yeah...I'm ahead of the calendar!

It's all good.
It's all delicious.

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Living the Dream
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