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Friday, February 10, 2012

A High School Student????

How sweet is that little face!?!?!
I just took this boy to his Freshman Enrollment. 
I swear he should be that little still today.
He was 3 in this picture.
Today he is 13 1/2.
Have you seen the commercial where the Dad is telling his little girl to
drive safe,
don't text or talk on the phone while she is driving,
and he is looking at her as if she is about 5? 
That's really what it was like sitting at the enrollment night. 
There are so many days that are fun and exciting with the kids at the ages they are now.
Don't get me wrong.
I LOVE having a teenager and a tween in our house.
(I MISS having little kids who need me....true story)
I miss toddlers
and toys
and handprints everywhere.
I miss bottles
and diaper bags.
(true story)
I miss rocking snuggly babies in the evenings
and Cheerios in my car.
I even miss the homework of little people.
I still see sparks of wonder and amazement in some things.
There are moments when I realize that my days with them living under our roof are numbered.
Corbin has 4 years of High School left in our house...
2 years until he drives
and then 2 more until he Graduates.
THAT is enough to make a momma tear up. (just a little)
4 years...
It will be fast.
It probably won't be painless.
I'm certain that it will be fun, though.
Every year before this has been.
Even when it's not fun,
we'll find a way to make the best of it.
That's what family is for.
And for now, I'll enjoy the time that all of us are in the nest together.
Life is delicious that way.

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Living the Dream
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