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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time Flies!

Seventeen years ago today my high school sweetheart and I were rehearsing our wedding vows. What a terrific memory.  I remember the weekend as if it were just yesterday.  I can see the faces of people as they came through the receiving line.  I can see my sweet daddy's smiling face as he asked me if I was ready to walk down the aisle.  I also remember my mother pulling the power cord just moments after our 1st dance started.  (poor thing....she was messing around in the kitchen and unplugged the wrong cord.  haha!)  I remember the family and friends who gathered to help us celebrate, and remember those who were unable to be there, too.  I remember that our hotel room was canceled instead of confirmed and we called all over town to try to find the confirmation number.  What a mess that was.  Sorry for waking you Mr. B!!!!! 

We have had a pretty terrific life together.  We dated 8 years before we were married and had 3 more years after that before we had children.  We have one boy and one girl.  We live in a cute little house --with a small house payment.  We have had a lot of laughs together.  We have also cried together.  We have prayed together.  We have played together...but only once in racquetball....and never again.  Oh, and we won't go canoeing in the same canoe EVER again.  No, really....I mean it.  NEVER.  Our marriage withstood our putting in the small patio by our deck.  (My idea...his hard work...I'm surprised he didn't just put my body UNDER the patio and told people I ran off.)  We certainly have not had a perfect marriage, but I would happily say "I do" all over again.  It's been terrific, and I am so happy to get to be raising our children and going through our day to day "stuff" together --even though most days we just call each other and discuss the details of when we'll all be home together and , "Oh by the way, while you're out, will you pick up............" 

Life is delicious...even if it does not turn out exactly like the picture next to the recipe. 

(Cory, thank you for getting my coffee, being the grill master, cleaning the toilets and allowing me to be the princess.  I'm sooo happy that you are my Prince Charming and that you chose to spend your life with me! I am honored and blessed beyond imagination!!!)

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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