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Friday, June 22, 2012

Oopsie Daisie!

OOPS!  Time has not been my friend.  It's been forever since I have been on this blog.  Not really a huge deal with one "follower" and a few blog stalkers.  But.... I need to catch up!

1st...We had 2 glorious weeks of summer "vacation" between school's letting out and the beginning of summer school.  It was terrific!  The kids and I slept in.  We ate junk for breakfast (at 10:30 or 11 am).  We ran errands and hung out and had fun.  We also tried swimming one day.  It was WAAAAY too cold for that nonsense. 

2nd... Summer school is nearing the end.  We have one more week of school with this group of new Kinder cookies.  My own two kids have been working for me this year.  They are paid for being at school to help tie all the shoes, run lunch money to the office, help someone down a fireman pole, work potty patrol, and just be 4 extra hands when I need them most.  They are the best kids I could have asked for.  God blessed me something BIG when he let little ole ME be their Momma.  He is so good to me, and I am eternally grateful. 

3rd. ...  I AM SO EXCITED about teaching 1st grade next year.  My class list was posted today, and I am very excited to see the familiar names of the littles who were in my class LAST YEAR.  I can't wait to see how much progress we can make this year by going into the school year already knowing each other and having already established rapport and relationships.  Sigh.  Totally can't wait!  I needed a little change...nothing drastic....just a little something to keep me excited about my career choice.  (Cuz let's face is NOT like it was 17 years ago when I first began this journey.)  I completely understand teacher burnout.  I'm pretty sure I was on the path.  It's a slow path, but it was there no less.

4th...I am giving private swimming lessons this week.  It's been so much fun.  I thought teaching READING was fun!  Seeing D's excitement and pride for his success is awesome.  I am so proud of the little guy.  He is so afraid of getting his face and head in the water, yet he gives it his best each night.  What a trooper.  I'm sure I'll have to take him to the water park for being such a great student.  

...and finally....I was so happy to see my friends this evening!  The purpose for our gathering was to see a friend who had moved away.  And....Joni, if you read this, it was FABULOUS to see you.  You look terrific.  Seeing how happy you are makes me want to quit teaching and be a stay at home mom!  You look terrific!!  Maybe we can have dinner when you return for the baby shower in July!!!  :D 

I guess that's it.  Three weeks (or more) since my last post, and that's really all I have.  I've been busy.  Our family is running in all different directions.  (what's new?)  I just keep thanking God that I have a reliable car that takes us to all the activities every day.   Seriously, I thank Him that my kids are healthy enough to be IN all their activities.  I will leave you with a few pictures.  These were taken at my hubby's Grandparents' farm.  I just happened to have my camera on this beautiful summer night.  It was such a peaceful evening.

That's it.  Have a terrific weekend my friends.  Enjoy every breath.  Every second.  Every encounter.  Each one adds up to a lifetime of memories.  That is so delicious. 

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Living the Dream
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