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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Just ONE more...

We have one more day before we begin our Spring Break.  The anticipation is wonderful.  There will be no airplane trip.  There will be no long road trips in the car.  We WILL have time to be together, time to rest and renew, time to bake some goodies and try some new recipes, time to clean out some closets and drawers, and time to play.  I can't wait!!

On another super happy note...Courtney's volleyball team played in Tulsa last weekend.  They were undefeated for the day, and they won the Championship.  It was a terrific day full of laughing and great volleyball.  We have mixed feelings that there is only ONE tournament left before the season comes to an end.  The weekend tournaments will be missed, but the housework that has been left undone will be happy to be taken care of once again. 

One last quick is National Pi Day.  I am fully aware that Pi has nothing to do with Pie; however, we made a cheesecake and had it for dessert anyway.  Yummy!  Love that we could tweak a national day and turn it into something delicious.  Have a terrific end of the week my friends!

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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