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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

May I just say that I L.O.V.E. being on vacation?  I seriously do not have to GO anywhere to love it.  I just need time away from the work place and all things associated with it.  Just a few days...that's really all I need.  But, while I AM on vacation, I have been "working" so hard to find new recipes.  My eyes are killing me.  I have read more blogs and scrolled through more recipes than I can even begin to count (and would be mortified to admit!)  The one recipe I keep going back to is right in my own little recipe box.  It is my Granny's Coconut Pie with meringue topping.  I can taste it.  I can see it.  I can see her sweet face cutting into it and handing me a giant slice.  Mmmmmm.  I'd eat the whole thing if I had one today.  Good thing I don't have the ingredients or I'd just have to make one.  Maybe I'll invite myself up to Granny's house this weekend and ask her to make one for me.  Maybe.....  That WOULD be delicious!

What's your guilty pleasure?  What would send you to a secret hideout to eat all by yourself?  Or would you be better than me and share?  It's okay.  I can take it.  See...Granny's pies are the best.  I can't think of a pie she makes that I don't love.  Every family dinner sends me running to the dessert table fighting someone for my favorite.  Of course, my favorite that day depends on which ones she brings, and she always brings more than one!  I can always count on Granny to bring either Coconut or French Silk pie to dinner.  Yes, yes...I think I'll go give her a call right now. 

Go.  Enjoy that guilty pleasure!  Enjoy it and don't look back. 

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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