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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Senior Stuff

(I had no idea that I'd have time to sit down for this today!!!)

Our Baby Boy is a Senior.
It is only October, and we've already ... 

taken Sr. Pictures for the yearbook
taken Sr. Pictures with a photographer
ordered graduation announcements
ordered the cap and gown
ORDERED pictures from the photographer
gone on college campus tours
applied to colleges

His soccer season is drawing to an end.
Sr. Night is 2 short days away. 
One week from today will be the beginning of the end of the soccer season. 
Tuesday is the first night of District play.
If they win, they will continue to play.
If they lose.... well, it's over.
He may only take the field two more times.
He has been playing soccer since he could walk.
My soccer mom days are numbered, and as I reflect on that,
 I am reminded of how much he has learned on the soccer field.

He has learned to be a team player.
He has learned to take guidance from and listen to a coach.
He has learned how to help someone up when he is on the ground.
He has learned how to stand up for himself and push back just a little.
He has learned how to push back just enough to make a statement 
but not enough to get in trouble.
He has learned how to win with a happy heart.
He has learned how to say "Thank you" when given a compliment.
He has learned how to lose without pointing fingers at others.
He has learned how to self evaluate and work to be better.
He has learned about friendships and being a teammate.
He has learned about compassion, integrity, empathy, and grace.
He has learned about commitment to a team, a coach, and to himself.
He has learned that as a member of a team, 
he represents himself, his family, his school, and his community.
He has learned that on bus trips home, he can order from the dollar menu 
and still have money for ice cream.
He has learned life skills on the soccer field.
The game of soccer as he has know it is about to be finished.
The things he has learned from participating in the sport will go on with him throughout his life, reminding him every day of how to live fairly, cooperatively, and wholeheartedly.

As his mom, how can I ask for more?
Growing up is what we want them to do.
It's our job to help them learn what they need to know in order to 
go out into the world and be successful.
I'm thankful for the years he spent playing soccer.
They have helped us mold our kid into the young man he has become.  
Watch out World, because this kid is almost ready to fly.
I can't wait to see what the future holds for him.
I can't wait.
It's been a sweet Senior year experience so far.
I just wish it would slow down.
Just. A. Little. Bit.
Every minute is Delicious.
Until next time, friends.

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