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Sunday, September 22, 2013

School, Volleyball, and Soccer! Oh My!!

Tis the season of busy here.
Back to school is often scary because of the unknowns.
Teachers, new classes, who to sit by at lunch, etc.
The list could go on and on.
This school year is off to a great start.
I've heard very little complaint.

I'm always excited for the fall sports season.
This year is no different. 
The soccer team is doing well. 
The volleyball team has done great.
So far, there has been a lot of homework,
And I wish I had more time to just sit and visit with them.
They will be grown and gone from this house before I know it.

I am so proud of them.  
They work together on homework. 
They help each other.
They encourage each other.
They cheer each other on.
I must be the most blessed momma in the world! 

It is the season of busy, but I'm not complaining.
One day very soon, I will be cleaning and cooking for only two people.
I know my days of running around chasing them are numbered.
Although packed with activity and many miles on my car, 
These days are delicious!
Enjoy your blessings today, friends.

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