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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Makes Momma Proud!

I have missed MANY Honor Roll Assemblies in my time.
I have missed out on the bragging rights, the photo opportunities,
and the sheer joy of seeing my kids walk onto the stage to be recognized for their hard work. I said, "I'm going!" 
It worked out that my own students were in their specials class
at the time of the assembly for our daughter.
AND...the best part is...
I even had my camera at school with me!
(BIG.  BIG.  LOVE!!!)
Our baby made the All A Honor Roll for the 3rd quarter.
Here she is with some of her classmates.

...and this one is for you Debbie.  :)
Way to go Jeffrey!

There is one more quarter before the end of the school year.
Eight and a half weeks.
42 days!
That's all fine and good.....
until I remember that they will be going to Jr. High in August.
That makes today's assembly bittersweet.
They should still be in Kindergarten.
Hug your babies.
Don't blink.
Time FLIES when you're having fun.
Accomplishments like the Honor Roll are so delicious.
Maybe we'll have to celebrate with ice cream tonight! 

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Living the Dream
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