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Monday, October 22, 2012


This sweet lady celebrated another birthday this month! 
What a trooper!
In the past 5 years she has been attacked by a dog and ended up with a broken back,
had cancer---and kicked its butt,
and had a major stroke---and came out on the other side.
Last month, she used chop sticks for the first time in her life.
I love that she never gives up.
She is a strong lady.
I love our Saturday morning phone calls.
I love that we still tell secrets and trade recipes.
Just this weekend she gave me two recipes.
I'm excited to make spiced peaches and pumpkin cookies!
What old family recipes do you have hidden in your recipe box?
Anything good that I need to know about?
I'll let you know all about spiced peaches if you want to swap sometime.
They ARE delicious!
Granny with her 81 candles.
That was some serious heat!!!!!!
(And...just so you know...there was a fire extinguisher under the table.  Just in case.)

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Living the Dream

Living the Dream
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