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Sunday, July 3, 2016

We Made It Through. We Survived! (It's a LONG one!)

We survived.
I keep changing the title because we made it to the other side of so many things.
I last posted in March.  
A LOT has happened since then.

This one kind of got out of hand.
It's longer than any other post.

This will be a huge attempt to recap our Spring Semester.
We had a Staycation during Spring Break this year. 
We stayed home so the kids could do homework and relax.

Track season began at the end of February.
The kids hit the ground RUNNING!
Preseason went so fast.
Before we knew it, it was April, and the kids were at the first meet of the season!
Corbin came home with an ankle injury due to a poor pole vault landing.  Ouch.
That earned him a trip to Urgent Care to make sure  it wasn't broken.
$$ Ouch $$
The good news was it was only a sprain.

1st crutches for either of the kids.

So...we left him at Grandma's for the weekend while we took Courtney to Kansas City for a volleyball tournament!  There was no way he would have been able to walk as much as we did this weekend!

The tournament was phenomenal.  There were SO. MANY. TEAMS!
There is no way that I can put the experience into words.

 The team!

 Lunch together at Cheesecake Factory!

 Team Bonding at the Escape Room!
We heard lots of laughing in there.

 Anticipation at it's finest.

Tournament play was over for us at this point in the weekend.
I'm happy to see she was still smiling.
(Oh!  ...and she learned a new technique for icing her shins.)

Courtney learned a lot about herself as a volleyball teammate this season.
She ended up with a strained hip abductor and couldn't finish the season.
She went to the Regional tournament to support her team, but she was unable to play.
That. Was. Tough.
I was proud of her.  She put on a smile and cheered on her friends.
It was quite sad, though, when the games were over.
She knew the season had come to an end and she didn't get to finish it with her friends.

What's a mom to do when her baby didn't get to play in the last tournament of the season?
GO SHOPPING, of course!
Okay...we didn't shop much.
Actually, we only bought one pair of shoes.
We did a lot of browsing and window shopping, though.
Retail therapy is always a nice escape.
It was a nice way to end the weekend trip before heading home.

Needless to say that this injury also impacted her track season.
It was a LONG season for her.
In the end, though, injuries allowed her the opportunity to sit back and watch coaching take place.
Injuries kind of  allow you to reconnect with and re-evaluate your goals.

This was taken in my classroom after a track practice early in April.
Corbin was still using ice on his ankle after vaulting practice,
and Courtney had shin splints.
They came to my room for the small ice!
 Love them!!

Okay...moving on...

This Kid.
He let me know at 4:45 pm that he had a Spanish National Honor Society program at 6:00.
...and... if I wanted pictures, I would need to be there.  haha.
My camera and the stage lighting in the auditorium don't really mix,
but I got this one after the ceremony.

The month of May was a blur.
There were award ceremonies, track meets, big assignments, lots of homework, baccalaureate, and All Things Graduation.

Here's the birthday boy with his ice cream cake.
18 already???

Courtney with track team friends.

This isn't the best picture, but they looked stunning!

Courtney supporting Brother during a meet in which she couldn't participate.

Corbin supporting her and encouraging her as she prepared to run.
He's always been so good to her.
She has always had the BEST brother.
The. BEST.

Track Banquet.
Both won nice awards.  
My favorite, though, was the Academic All-State Award.
They had to have a 3.7 GPA to receive this.
(Sigh...momma is So proud of her kids!)

Corbin and his Pole Vault coach!

Sign Out Sheet...nearly filled out completely.
He's ready for his last day of school at CJHS.

Picture with his Momma on his
Last day of High School.

Graduation Day Decorations.
Photo books, Sr. Pictures, and books with life advice covered the table.
Corbin's Bulldog Award is on the mantle.
He received it from the track coaches.
It is the award based on not only athletic performance, but attitude, 
willingness to work hard on and off the field,
 being coachable, treating others kindly, 
being helpful, and having integrity.
Once cup runneth over.
I couldn't be more proud.

These two.  Be still my heart.

He had Stoles from CJHS and Crowder College.
He also had stoles for National Honor Society
and Phi Theta Kappa (Jr. College National Honor Society) as well as
Cords for graduating with honors from both schools and  participating in
Spanish National Honor Society.

Oh, and he wore the GoPro camera for the ceremony.
The videos are great.
He has video of the Superintendent, Principal, and School Board Members telling him "Congratulations."  It was a hoot to watch.
Even though it looked goofy, it's footage of more memories to cherish.

Programs from Crowder College and Carl Junction High School Commencement Ceremonies!
Crowder Graduation was on May 14, but Corbin was at Branson for a track meet instead.
Carl Junction Commencement was the following day.

This is the group of kids leaving for the State track Meet!
It was a fun trip for them, and a fun way to to end Sr. Year!

...and then there's THIS!...
My classroom.

This is my empty classroom.
I am moving to a different building for the fall.
It looks so empty.
I've been a resident of Room 29 in K-1 North for 8 years.
Many terrific memories were made in this classroom.
Many new friends came into my life while in this room.
I must admit that just before I took this picture I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.
Don't get me wrong.  I know that many new adventures await.
We will meet many new friends.
Change is tough, though, friends.
Change is tough.
I'm excited to see what lies ahead, though!

Changes are all around!
We're getting Corbin ready to go to college.
Bedding, blankets, desk organizers, Oh MY!

Courtney is getting used to the idea of Momma being her chauffeur again.
She has a new volleyball coach at school and is enjoying getting to know her.
She had pain in her hip for 10 weeks and was out of volleyball and track until the last week of June.
She is  a HAPPY girl now that she is back to normal and not hurting in her hip anymore.
She just turned 15 and earned her driver's permit.
She practices driving with her Daddy.
Most of the stories are funny and giggle worthy.
MOST of them...

That's it, I think.
It's been a very, very busy spring and early summer.
Lots of things happened.
I'm relieved to say that we made it through the month of May!
Many memories were made this year.
Many of these things are big things, but some of them are little things, too.
Lots of life lessons were learned along the way.
I can't even begin to express the love I have for our kids.
They amaze me all the time.
I admire them for their kind, loving, and giving hearts.
I admire them for being such terrific friends to each other!
They are the best little support team. crazy as it was, I'm proud to say we made it.
It was worth every single day/every single minute.
It was Delicious!

In all the crazy and busy days, remember to stop to notice the little things.
They really are the big things.
Enjoy the deliciousness, friends!!

...Shouldn't they still be this little??? .....

I'm a lucky Momma.
My heart is so full.

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