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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Seven Years Later

My most recent post was in August. 
It is Crazy how fast time goes. 

Seven years ago today, I sat by my daddy's bedside as his body shut down
 and he took his last breaths on earth. 
We knew it was coming. 
We'd spent the 2 weeks before watching his body shut down.
We planned Hospice visits. 
We cooked meals and made a LOT of coffee.
We entertained visitors.
We deep cleaned momma's kitchen,
and we cried in my sister's camper.
We tried our best to mentally prepare for what was coming.
  As much as it hurt to lose him, we knew that he was suffering,
and by letting go of his battle, he would be healed in Heaven.

Much of what I know about how to live, I learned from him. 
He was a quiet, kind hearted man. 
He liked to laugh.
He played prank jokes on others.
(I was a common target.)
He worked hard.
No.  Really. 
Every. Single. Day.
He gave his best to everything he did.
He loved us girls as if we were his own.

When I was 5 years old, my momma met that ornery guy. 
Mom was working in the tavern which was owned by my grandparents.
One night, he walked in, and my Granny said,
 "Larry Jo, are you looking for a mother in law?"
His response was classic....  "Why?  Are you available?" 
 I just think that is hilarious.
He met momma on that night in November, and they were married in February. 
At the time of their meeting, he was engaged to be married to another lady.
Her name was Trudy,
and my sister and I thought it was fantastic
that he was choosing all three of us over Trudy,
a woman we'd never met or seen before. 

Any how...back to the real story....
The four of us become a family instantly. 
They took us on their honeymoon with them.
We went on vacation after vacation together. 
They never went anywhere without us. 
We were his girls.

Tonight, I celebrate the life of my sweet daddy.
I've looked at old pictures.
I've laughed at him for having an opossum for a pet.
(yes, it's true)
I've looked at pictures of him holding our babies at their baptism ceremonies.
I've been reminded of how much time he spent with all of us.

We've watched the video that was played at his funeral. 
More than anything, today I have mourned our loss.
I mourn the fact that my kids are missing out on making new memories with him.
I mourn the empty place at the dinner table at family meals.
I mourn because I don't see him walking in my front door for a visit.
I miss his ornery giggle, the twinkle in his eyes.
I miss his deep belly laugh
and seeing him lay in the middle of the floor to watch tv.
I miss telling him all about the kids' activities and school stuff.
I miss his crispy edged pancakes...fried perfectly in oil.
I miss his empty Dt. Coke cans sitting everywhere after his visits.
I miss many, many things about him, but
Most of all, I miss his smile, his comforting hugs, and his friendship.
He was an incredible man, full of integrity and goodness. 
Heaven is a better place because he is there.
Tonight, I am eternally grateful for the thirty years which I spent getting to learn from him.
I am a better person because he was, and continues to be, part of my life.
Being his daughter certainly has made life delicious!

I saw it on Pinterest first, but...
Because someone we love is in heaven, we have a little bit of Heaven in our home!

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Living the Dream
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