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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow Days

This has been a year for snow and ice in our neck of the woods.
We have had NINE snow/ice days already this year.
We had three of them just last week!
Don't misunderstand.
As most people already know,
I'm a SUCKER for a good snow day.
There's something about being "snowed in" that makes me sit back and relax.
I use the time to clean house, bake, read, watch a movie or play a game with the kids.
I KNOW that we are going to have to make them up at the end of May.
I KNOW that the kids won't want to be learning then.
I KNOW that we won't have a break between regular school and summer school.
I still.  love.  snow days.
 no expectations
 just breathe
Tomorrow's forecast is calling for 1-3 more inches of snow.
Last week's snow hasn't melted yet.
Here's to secretly wishing for another snow day
and putting spoons under pillows while wearing PJs inside out and backwards. 
Snow days are DELICIOUS!

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