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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rubberbands from Heaven

As you already know, my Daddy has been in Heaven for over 5years.

I miss him every day.
Don't get me has been easier than it was at first.
I don't cry when songs come on the radio.
I don't cry when I pull up to my Momma's house knowing he is not inside.
I don't cry when I go to bed at night, praying that I will dream of him so I can see his sweet smile once more.
(Those dreams are the best!)

There are days, though, that are harder than others.
There was one day this spring that was really tough.
Cory shot a turkey.
I cried all afternoon
...not for the turkey,
but at the lost opportunity to call Daddy to tell him about it.

Some days I feel like he is near.
(Yes, I believe in angels.)

Let me explain.

There are days when little things happen that are unexplainable.

For example....
Once I pulled my white towels out of the washing machine only to find that they were pink.
With investigation, I found one of his red rags that  he used in his garage inside the washer with the towels. 
Nobody in the house had used the rag and nobody could explain its being in the laundry.  
I didn't see it go into the washer, either.  

Other days, I find plastic spiders in drawers.  
He was notorious for leaving them in hiding places to hear people scream.

Yesterday we were in Cabella's looking around when out of nowhere,
I was hit in the stomach with a rubber band.
I looked around and saw no one but the four of us.
Each denied shooting me with it.
(And I believed them because I had not seen anyone playing with it, 
which is exactly what my group would have done with it.)

Lets go back to the time of his passing.
Daddy's casket had a special drawer in it.
We could put anything we wanted to in the drawer.
 We filled it with letters from the heart, photographs,
plastic spiders, bags of rubber bands, lottery tickets and cigarettes.
I would have put in a can of Coke, but the drawer was not deep enough.

He was a prankster.
He shot his coworkers with rubber bands.
He shot us kids with them.
He snapped Momma with wet dish towels.
It only made sense to fill that drawer with some of his favorite things.

Back to the story from last night.
As I looked around to find who could have shot the band, 
I was quickly reminded that we sent all those rubber bands to Heaven with Daddy.
We asked for it.
It's our own fault.

Days that I feel him near are happy days, safe days, cherished days.
Those are the days that I smile because of the little things.
...The simple memories that made our life what it was then and how it led to the life we live now.

Daddy was a hard worker.
He loved God.
He loved his family.
He worked to provide a roof over our heads and food on our table.
We didn't have a lot of stuff, but we had each other.
He set a very good example of a husband's dedication to his family.
He set the standard very high.
He set a terrific example of a Daddy's love for his children.
He missed games and activities because of work, but he always asked about them.
He always wanted us to give our best.
He never wanted us to give up.

We had a very happy life.
He taught us more in his 30 years with us than I could have imagined.
I am very thankful for our time with him.
I'm extremely thankful that he chose us....all 3 of us.
(Again...that's a story for another day.)

Heavenly hugs on Father's Day, Daddy.
Thank you for being near us.
Thank you for memories of rubber bands, dish towels, plastic spiders, and your ornery grin.
My memories of you are delicious!
I'm blessed beyond measure to have you for a father.

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