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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Fun

Don't you love it when you have a fun, family filled, and productive weekend?
This has been one of those weekends for us.

Yesterday was full of homework and loads of laundry.
There was also a birthday party as well as an evening gathering with friends.
Today has been a family day through and through.
I got to sit in my big comfy chair with my coffee as the kids slept in.
I was allowed a beautiful 30 minutes to visit with my Granny on the phone.
We shared recipes, meal ideas, and even a few little secrets.
Once the kids got up, we enjoyed breakfast together
and wondered about the happy hunter's luck.
(Mr. went turkey hunting at the pond.)

We worked in the yard together.
We pulled weeds.
We uprooted trees.
We worked in the garden to prepare it for planting.
Our hunter was home MUCH earlier than I anticipated.
When he came in, all I could do was ask if it was too windy to be out.
His response?
"I'm so good, I didn't need much time."
He shot a 23 pound turkey. 
We'll have a good dinner at the pond soon.... fried turkey breast!
My daddy would be so proud.
I would love it if Cory could have called him this morning to tell him about it.
I'm sure his response would have been, "Oh yeah?  How big is it?"
Then he would have asked a series of questions regarding
the beard, the spurs, the feathers,
and --of course-- the kill. 
Daddy loved turkey hunting,
and he would have enjoyed sharing the story with his own friends.
Days like today remind me of how much I miss that guy.
Momma's birthday was this week, too.
I'm sure he would have bought her something sweet...
but not too expensive.
He probably would have taken her shopping so she could pick it out.
If only there were telephones in Heaven.
I'd love to hear his voice, his giggle, even his cough.
I'd love to tell him about making moonshine with friends.
I'd love to take some to him ... I think he'd like it.

If only.
I'm sure he saw the whole thing from his Heavenly home.
I'm sure he watched down with pride
as his son-in-law braced himself and held his breath
in order to make a perfectly aimed shot.
I'm actually sure that he probably had a hand in guiding the turkey Cory's way this morning.
...just like he probably lured the earthworm to my sandal while I dug in the weeds.

The things I wish I could share with him are endless.
What a delicious Gift from God...
having a Daddy who we loved and adored.
We had his love for 30 years.
We are so blessed.

Now....I think I'll go bake Granny's Coconut Cream Pie for tonight's dessert!
THAT, my friends, is delicious!
Come on over if you'd like.
We'll share.


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